Beauty and the Beast

Rotherham Civic Theatre / 14 - 19 November 2011

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The Show!

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After a handsome but conceited prince treats a beggar woman poorly, the woman turns out to be a beautiful enchantress and turns the prince into a beast. Further, the prince's staff is all transformed into objects to do with their profession. The prince is given a magical mirror to view the outside world. To break the spell, he needs to learn to love a person for who they are, and get her to love him before a magical rose loses its petals. Meanwhile in a nearby village, a beautiful young bookworm (Belle) feels lonely and out of place. She lives with her eccentric but kind father, Maurice. Soon, Maurice goes off to compete at an inventors' fair but gets lost in the woods and ends up a prisoner at the beast's castle. Belle eventually finds the castle and makes a deal with the beast to let her father go in return for her staying there with the beast. As the beast's inner kindness slowly reveals itself, Belle grows to be in love with him. However, a jilted, self-centered and overly-masculine suitor from Belle's village, Gaston, takes a posse to 'save' her from the beast. Gaston ends up stabbing the best. Luckily, when Belle rushes to the beast and expresses her love for him, he comes back to life again as a handsome prince

The Cast!


BEAST - Geoff Fenwick / BELLE - Emily Huddleston / LUMIERE - Matt Roberts / COGSWORTH - Jonathan Taylor / MRS. POTTS - Elaine Demaine / BABETTE - Jude Gray / MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE - Amy Vickers / GASTON - Dan Senior / LEFOU - Michael Tattersall / MAURICE - Roy Cooke / CHIP (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Evening) - Millie Ducker / CHIP (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday Matinee) - Abbie McGowan / MONSIEUR D'ARQUE - Geoff Tonks / SILLY GIRLS - Sally Smith, Tanya Palmowski, Rachel Ward / PRINCE - Jonny Stewart / ENCHANTRESS - Ashlea Booth

Dancers Ashlea Booth, Jade Wilkinson, Tanya Palmowski, Sally Smith, Rachel Ward, Becky Beadsley, Charlotte Wall, Molly Huddleston, Jess Fenwick, Briony Burgin, Ferne Nodder, Jonny Stewart, Ben Wainwright

Ensemble Jenny McAndrew, Rhona Collinson, Chris Fenn, Emma Fiddler, Ben Green, Sheila Lockett, Rebecca Morement, June Noble, Clive Richardson, Hayley Sayles, Shirley Sayles, Tracy Sheldrake, Karen Shemwell, Deborah Stacey, Angela Stewart, Courtney Sutton, Rebekah Vernon, Hannah Wall, Mandy Ward

The Production Team!

Director / Choreographer : Dee Bennie-Marshall

Musical Director : Heather Jackson

Director's Cut

Director - Dee Bennie-Marshall
"This show is certainly one of my biggest challenges, with dancing knives and forks, spinning plates, live flames and magic illusions, but once again Rotherham Teachers have risen to the challenge and made my job an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Bringing the magic of Disney to the stage is something im very passionate about, and we have had many laughs about Disneyfying our acting skills , and dance skills to enhance the production. With hauntingly beautiful music, enchanting ballads, and lots of energetic dancing, there is something for everyone. "

The Reviews!

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NODA - Les Smith

A joy to watch

Beauty and the Beast is a magical Disney musical and this production was truly magical, the sets were magnificent and created the right atmosphere for this production. The part of Belle was played by 16 year old Emily Huddleston who was perfect, she sang the songs so sweetly and delivered her lines with such conviction she would have been equally at home on any West End stage. Another part played with equal professionalism was Lumiere, played by Matt Roberts, he was excellent, managing to play the part to the full and also carry around a very large gas bottle on his back to feed the “candles” and all the time keeping a perfect French accent.

In a show like this good costumes are a must and these were excellent, all the characters were convincing. I am not sure how easy they were to wear but the effect from the audience was stunning.

The choreography was excellent especially in the full company numbers such as “Be our guest” when all the “characters” came to life but it never appeared to be crowded, everyone knew their place and danced with such professionalism it was a joy to watch.

There is quite a lot of underscoring in this show but it did not detract from the dialogue on stage, the orchestra actually accompanied the cast rather than drown them out which all too often happens with some shows.

Thank you for an enjoyable evening.