Rotherham Civic Theatre / 8 - 13 November 2010

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The Show!

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Chess is used as a metaphor for romantic rivalries and the US-Soviet rivalry during the Cold War. The main characters form a love triangle: the ill-mannered American Grandmaster, the intense Russian champion who plans on defecting to the West, and the Hungarian-American female chess second, who arrives at the international championships with the American but falls in love with the Russian. From Bangkok to Budapest, the players, lovers, politicians and spies all struggle to get the upper-hand. Note: most fans prefer the London version instead of the Broadway version

The Cast!


Frederick Trumper - Scott Johnson / Florence Vassey - Rachel Marshall / Anatoly Sergievsky - Ian Fryer / Svetlana Sergievsky - Amy Vickers / Arbiter - Jude Gray / Molokov - Alex Wilkins / Walter De Courcey - Jonthan Taylor / Merano Mayor - Scott Bramley / Reporter 1 - Elaine Demaine / Reporter 2 - Olive Garner / Reporter 3 - Tracey Sheldrake / Reporter 4 - Karen Wilkins / Newsreader - Elaine Demaine

Dancers Ashlea Booth (Dance Captain), Chloe Lilley, Gemma Bartholomew-Kenyon, Louise Eyre, Tanya Palmowski, Becky Peech, Rachel Ward, Jonny Stewart

Ensemble Beverley Ibbotson, Dawn Haley, Shirley Sayles, Mandy Ward, Rebecca Morement, Becky Hart, Clive Richardson, Chris Fenn, Tom Wainwright, Billy Luckett, Ben Green, Matt Roberts, Michael Cahill

Choir Roy Cooke, Celia Aynsley, Esme Brook, Angela Stewart, Sandra Dover, Sheila Lockett, June Noble, Lesley Cox, Karen Shemwell, Rhona Collinson, Geoff Tonks, Brenda Law, Mike Tipler, Geoff Fenwick

The Production Team!

Director / Choreographer : Dee Bennie-Marshall

Musical Director : Heather Jackson

Director's Cut

Director - Dee Bennie-Marshall
"There is no doubting the talent on stage, and I am very proud of every single performer, who have made my job so much easier with there dedication, perseverance, commitment and belief. Everyone of the people on stage has put effort in beyond the call of duty to bring you the show you are about to see this evening. I would also like to thank our wonderful Musical Director for her continual support and never giving up on those tedious harmony rehearsals! "

The Reviews!

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NODA - John Sykes

A formidable duo

What a formidable duo in Dee and Heather – a difficult story to portray, but I thought it came over very well, and music for principals, chorus (including non-acting chorus) and orchestra, which is not the easiest, was excellent. It would be unfair of me to pick out the performance of any principal as they were all first class and I am sure that the show will feature amongst their favourites in future CVs. The “Chess” dancers enhanced the staging of the company numbers. The costumes were done by the society and were very eye-catching. The scenery was excellent, but I thought that the properties could have done with a little more imagination. An evening of excellent entertainment!