Hot Mikado

Rotherham Civic Theatre / 5 - 10 November 2007

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The Show!

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Hot Mikado takes the classic Gilbert and Sullivan tale and updates it to 1940s-style. Young Nanki-Poo, the Mikado’s son masquerading as a Second Trumpet player, arrives in the town of Titipu looking for the beautiful Yum-Yum. After bribing various officials he learns that she is still going to be marrying a former tailor turned Lord High executioner, Koko. Meanwhile, the Mikado demands that Ko-Ko execute one person within the next month. Nanki-Poo agrees to be executed as long as he can spend a month as Yum-Yum’s husband. However, the plan goes awry when the Mikado makes a surprise visit to Titipu and brings with him Katisha, an older woman who is pursuing Nanki Pooh. Luckily, Nanki-Poo is not excuted because he is the Mikado’s long lost son. Further, Ko-Ko and Katisha fall in love so Nanki-Poo and Yum-Yum can stay married.

The Cast!


The MIKADO - Alex Wilkins / NANKI-POO - Rob McVeigh / YUM-YUM - Catherine Harban / PITTI-SING - Amy Vickers / PEEP-BO - Helen Colley / PISH-TUSH - Scott Johnson / KO-KO - Ian Fryer / POOH-BAH - Simon Kelly / KATISHA - Rachel Marshall

Dancers Gemma Bartholomew-Kenyon, Louise Turner, Heather Burgan, Rachael Maddock, Caroline Myers, Jordon Hinchliffe, Alisha Flintham, Tanya Palmowski, Natasha Stacey, Adam Hague, Adam Hood, Nicola Jeffs, Becky Peech, Chloe-Jade Young

Ensemble Chloe Lilley, Andy Waldie, Clive Richardson, Barbara Matthewman, Sue Skidmore, Marsha Kelly, Deborah Stacey, Becky Hart, Shirley Michalski, Alison Darksus, Jenny McAndrew, Alison Auker, Deborah Clayton

Minstrals Bev Ibbotson, Kayti Ball, Jude Gray, Geoff Fenwick, David Hermon, Alex Wilkins, Karen Wilkins

The Production Team!

Co-Director : Elaine Demaine

Co-Director / Choreographer : Dee Bennie-Marshall

Musical Director : Heather Jackson

Director's Cut

Co-Director - Dee Bennie-Marshall
"Putting a show like this one together can be a very daunting experience. All three disciplines in musical theatre - acting, dancing, and singing are really put to the test! Our poor fellas have been taught how to throw a girl over their shoulder, through their legs, round their necks, and still come out of it singing the right harmony!! We have a great group of people at Teachers who are eager to put on great shows, and this year have really worked together as a team, which makes my job a very rewarding one. "

The Reviews!

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NODA - John Sykes

A joy to watch

Although a dyed- in-the-wool G&S traditionalist I had great admiration for this enigmatic production. Another modern, so loud, production that one has to accept these days but still adhering fairly close to the original libretto and one can still recognize the music score, even with it's drastic changes in tempo. Nanki-poo, played confidently by Rob McVeigh, displayed the professionalism which he has now acquired. Catherine Harbon, originally seen as a shy young chorus girl, as Yum-Yum, was well cast in this role with her charm and demur portrayal. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. I have seen or performed with numerous Ko-Ko's but Ian Fryer's characterisation was hilariously well to the force. Rachel Marshall came into her own in the role of Katisha, to my mind one of her better performances. All told of a superbly directed and choreographed production